10 Things Rental Trucks Won’t Say You

Many things are hidden or not disclosed by rental companies when you make initial bookings. Below are few hidden points which truck rental companies wont say you

  1. Your reservation is practically worthless
  2. Pay no attention to the prices we advertise
  3. Bad customer service? That’s your fault
  4. The worst time to rent is when you need us most
  5. Our trucks are jalopies
  6. We employ an army of moonlighters
  7. We’re judgmental of your car
  8. You gotta be crazy to try towing your stuff
  9. You’ll never guess what the last renter did with this truck
  10. Our customers are on the verge of a nervous breakdown

So what you expect more than this if you are making an online order or hesitant to make complete inquiry about truck rental services.

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