What You Should Know Before Renting A Moving Truck?

Renting a moving truck is always a daunting task. Many people think they will enjoy ease in their moving after hiring some big companies but things never work as smooth as they should be. Here are few basic things to know before renting trucks.


Mileage Cost Variation

One of the main thing is mileage cost that varies for each company. You can get free additional miles by some top names like uhaul truck rental or even from budget truck rental. So always check this cost before making your reservations.

Check Your reservation before packing

This is one heck which makes you worry at the very last moment. Even some companies like budget can cause this problem. So always re-confirm your reservation before packing.


Gas Is Never Included

Always remember gas is not included in your moving cost so make sure to include this additional cost while making your moving budget.

Towing is not confirmed

Keep in mind, every truck can not tow your car so while you make your reservation keep this point in mind.

Parking can be an Issue

If you rent a 10 feet ruck then parking can be a issue as most of the hotels on roadside can not assist parking for such big vehicles.


There can be many other things to know before renting but these are few of the basic ideas that you should always remember while making your reservations.